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Inspection & Quality Control

MASAP can call upon a pool of Technical Specialists who have the ability to carry out Inspection, Expediting and Auditing Services wherever our clients require, worldwide.

We can provide support during production and on site to monitor and control the manufacturing process in accordance with all specifications and applicable standards. Our staff is made up of dedicated professionals with in-depth industry knowledge who are qualified and certified to all necessary standards and norms:

– COFREND (Confédération Française pour les Essais Non Destructifs)
– NACE International Institute
– ACQPA FROSIO (Association pour la Certification et la Qualification en Peinture Anticorrosion)
– ICorr (Institute of Corrosion)

– Monitoring and control of the application of coating products during production and on site
– Monitoring and control of welding process during production and on site
– Verification and control of steel structures and fittings
– Quality auditing
– Inspection
– Quality Management and process implementation
– Inspection by drone (data capture, analysis and survey)